David Leitch, 2x2 Overseer Victoria Australia

David Leitch is in the 2x2 religion of the workers and friends and is the 2x2 overseer of Victoria Australia. David Leitch is friends with former 2x2 worker Chris Chandler.

They are highly secretive and paranoid about scrutiny: when questioned about new allegations of child sexual abuse within the sect's ranks, the ''overseer'' for Victoria and Tasmania, David Leitch, 56, of Heidelberg, says: ''We are not an organisation.''
The Victorian and Tasmanian leader of Friends and Workers, David Leitch, is known to be close to Chris Chandler, the former senior sect member who Fairfax Media today reveals will face 12 child sex charges in a Morwell court next month.
Chandler grew up in Dromana. He lives now on French Island in Western Port and describes himself as a ''self-employed ecologist''. Last year he came back from 14 years as a ''Christian teacher and counsellor'' in Uruguay and Brazil, according to his LinkedIn profile.
Last June, Chandler and Leitch wrote a letter to all Victorian sect members announcing Chandler would step down ''from the Work'' because police in Gippsland had begun questioning him about the allegations that have now led to charges involving several alleged victims.
David Leitch denies sect leaders knew of Chandler's alleged past. ''If that had been the case he wouldn't have been involved in the way that he was.'' Leitch says he does not know if Chandler has continued to attend sect meetings since resigning. ''We would not tolerate any matters that were not upright and in accordance with the teachings of the Scripture,'' he says. ''You might have seen it in the Catholic Church and so on, but we would not tolerate any such stupidity.''
Leitch sacked the worker who raised the allegations because he says the allegations were not true and he knew they were not true because he investigated them himself.

These quotes were from http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/friends-and-enemies-truth-and-lies-20130922-2u7t4.html


  • If David Leitch claims they are not an organization, then how could he have sacked the worker for complaining about child sexual abuse by another worker?
  • How could you fire someone if you had not hired them in the first place?
  • Did David Leitch work with this worker who was fired to write a letter of resignation just like David worked with Chris Chandler to write a letter?
  • Why did David work with Chris Chandler on his letter?
  • Did David want to make sure it only said what he wanted it to say?
  • Why would a worker come to David Leitch with a complaint about child sexual abuse if the worker didn't have David Leitch ruling over him?
  • Why did this worker talk to David Leitch if he didn't believe David could do anything about it?
  • Why didn't David Leitch tell the worker "I cannot do anything about it because I don't control him?
  • Doesn't the fact that David Leitch sacked a worker show that he heads the organization in Victoria Australia?
  • Doesn't the statement by David Leitch about investigating the claims of a worker under him on his own instead of reporting to authorities show that David Leitch believes he is above the law?
  • Doesn't the same behavior of workers getting sacked for complaining about child sexual abuse show their support for covering up child sexual abuse?
  • Why would you sack someone for complaining about child sexual abuse instead of giving complaint to authorities?
  • Since David Leitch runs the organization in Victoria, how could he not know if Chris Chandler is still attending meetings? The whole organization is set up so that elders report to workers who report to the overseer.
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