2x2 Overseer Income

2x2 overseers income has been estimated by me to be over $200,000 per year plus interest and stock market gains from calculations that I have performed based on known contributions.

The pattern of money handling of the 2x2s and other cults is known as "tradecraft". It shows a specific pattern of gathering money with no accountability.

Please note that the money the overseers collect is in cash and untraceable monetary notes like cashier's checks. Followers are not allowed to write checks and put "charity" on the memo line and deduct this charitable contribution on taxes. There may be an exception in Australia where the 2x2s have a registered "charity" called Christian Conventions of Victoria. Typically, overseers run a for-profit business.

2 Peter 2:1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not. 

Overseers have been known to have bank accounts, visas (credit card see testimony of Willis Propp), trusts, mining interests and stock market holdings. Overseers pretty much have guaranteed income from all their funds. They don't need to have faith in the daily contributions of the friends of the workers.

If you have ever wondered how overseers can afford to fly around all trimmed and wearing expensive suits then this overseer income estimate that I've done may interest you. It may also explain their arrogance when they do their excommunications.

I've tried to sort the income list below from the greatest source of money down to the least.

Sources of income:

  • Cash money collected from elders who handle the inheritances of the friends who have died that year. see also Inheritances
  • Annual cash money collected from workers at conventions where they are required to give them all the money they collected throughout the year
  • Cash money collected from people being initiated as new workers going out at conventions and special meetings who are commanded to sell everything and bring the money to convention (I was asked to do this as were all other workers I've talked to about this)
  • Cash money collected from elders who manage money gains from stock market investments
  • Cash money collected while living in the homes of the friends of the workers
  • Housing benefits received from the friends while in the field
  • Food benefits received from the friends while in the field
  • Clothing benefits received from the friends while in the field
  • Cash money collected at the meetings in handshakes in which they speak
  • Cash money collected from letter-writing correspondence with the friends
  • Cash money collected at special meetings rounds

Cash Money through Elders Who Handle Inheritances

Finding number of people in Oregon and dividing by 80 to find average number of deaths per year
20 fields per state with 5 meetings per field x 20 people per meeting
100 people per field = 5 Sunday morning meetings with 20 people each
and 20 fields per state = 2000 people
if people live 80 years on average, that is 25 people dying per year

If you've wondered why workers overlook the "sins" of wealthy elders, then here is the most obvious reason. Overseers need these elders to handle the inheritance money. Also overseers like the nice homes, cars and free food that these elders provide. You know the overseers by their fruits. With an organization such as this, they don't want God. In my opinion, taking the name of God and appearance of a church just gives overseers the appearance and presumed credibility they need for fleecing the friends.

Say that one out of five people leave inheritance to the overseers. And an overseer has 100 people per field and 25 fields. Each year you would have about 25 people die if everyone lived to be 100. If only 1 out of 5 gave in inheritance to overseers, that that comes to than 5 people's inheritance per year

Say $25,000 per inheritance x 5 people = $125,000 estimated income to overseers from inheritances

Cash Money Collected from Workers "Starting Out"

If each year, an overseer is able to convince (with the help of his staff of workers) 4 people to become workers, and these workers have a varied net worth of $3k, $5k, $10k, $60K, then this comes to $78,000 per year. This makes it obvious that the most important things for an overseer is to get new workers. It doesn't matter one bit if a worker continues for 2,3,4,5 years because the money is already made. Granted, it is more profitable for an overseer if the person continues, because of credibility, moral of other workers and the friends. Plus if a person continues to work for the overseer then the overseer collects that much more money from new converts the money overseers collect from the worker at their "home" convention.

Even if people quit being workers, then the overseers can lie about things and say "Well, we're sorry to see them go. Frank (or whichever name) said that his time in the work was the best part of his life...."

Cash Money Collected from their Staff of Workers at Conventions

Each year, the workers are to take the money that they collect throughout the year and bring it to their home convention and give it to the worker in charge of the convention. If an overseer has a staff of 40 workers working for him, and each worker brings him only $500, then this comes to $20,000.

Cash Money Collections While Staying in Homes

An overseer typically stays in homes for 2 nights before moving on. If each home owner gave to the overseer $50 and you multiply this by 180 homes per year, then this collection is $9000. This is pretty good for a couple nights stay considering they are provided housing and food and often laundry service as a result of their status in the organization. It's pretty to see why the workers heap lots of "love" on young wealthy followers because this is their future income.

Cash Money Collected at Gospel Meetings

Followers are expected to pass the workers cash money in handshakes at the meetings. They are not supposed to give checks (which are traceable and will have a bank account stamped on it when canceled by the bank) and especially not supposed to write "charity" on the memo line (except for 2x2 business registered as charity in Australia).

If a worker has 26 gospel meetings and 26 Sunday morning meetings and 26 Bible studies, then this is 78 meetings. If an overseer receives only two $20 bills or $40 from each meeting then this is $3,120 in cash per year. If you divided $3120 per 78 hrs of meetings, then this comes to $40 per hour.

Cash Money or Cashiers Checks Collected from Letters

People send money to OVERSEERS through letters. WORKERS are encouraged to write letters so they receive more money. If an OVERSEER receives 180 letters per year (1 every 2 days) and receives $20 per letter, then this money collection comes to $3600.

Benefits Collected from Followers in their Fields

Room: $35 per night x 365 days = $12,775 per year
Food: $15 per day x 365 = $5,475 per year
Medical $?per year
Use of car: $200 x 12 months = $2400 per year
Paid Car insurance: $60 x 12 = $720 per year
Use of a hall: $50 x 20 weeks = $1000 per year
Clothing $500 per year
For a total of 2x2 related income/benefits in the field of: $22,870 per year

Stock Market Gains

I know elders invest money of overseers in stock markets. I have heard this from Lloyd Jacobsen and from Doug Corcoran through my dad.

Adding Estimated Overseer Cash Money Income Up

Field : $10K cash
Field Benefits: $22.75K
New Workers: $78K
Inheritances: $125K
Stock Market and Interest in Bank accounts: $???? Total estimated overseer income: $235,750 per year plus interest on money plus stock market income

And to think that Harold Bennett told me he doesn't pay taxes. Why not? Why does the IRS allow him to get away with not paying taxes with his for-profit organization

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