George Walker Letter Regarding IRS

A letter from George Walker regarding the income tax of workers, the IRS, and the 2x2 cult. Andrew Abernathy was also referred to in this letter.

This is the first evidence I have seen of workers paying any taxes on their salary.

This letter shows the organization of the 2x2 cult with the OLDER BROTHERS and OLDER WORKERS telling the STAFF WORKERS what to do regarding official business such as taxes. Here is the text followed by an image donated by Cherie Kropp.

6704 Leeds ST
Philadelphia, 31, Pa.
November 10, 1950

Dear (handwritten name not legible),

From an interview with the Government representative in Indiana today, relative to the income tax of workers, this information was obtained for the guidance of those who have already received tax bills.

Those who have not signed the form sent to them, nor returned it, should go to their own regional office of the Internal Revenue Bureau, in about one week, taking their form with them. In this office a protest can be made concerning the unjust addition of the $547.50 and to state that the original amount submitted included days receiving hospitality. It can be also stated that Mr. Walker did not agree to the addition of this sum, but did agree to the charge of $1.50 per day for the number of days when receiving hospitality.

Each worker appearing may expect to be very closely questioned regarding all money received and number of days receiving hospitality; therefore it will be wise to have clear in mind the facts that can stand investigation. Avoid making any statement that would be weak or only partially true. If you tell your story simply, honestly and clearly, no trouble should develop for you.

Those who signed and returned the form will receive a bill which they should take, with their duplicate return and proceed to protest according to the foregoing advice.

The Indiana office will send to your local office all information given them against us and it is on these charges you will be questioned.

If you desire further information, write Andrew Abernethy, Box 76, Morrow, Ohio.

Your brother in Jesus,

(signed)George Walker

Letter from George Walker overseer to workers in how to handle the IRS

This letter also shows the taxablility of the hospitality provided by the FRIENDS for the WORKERS as an exchange and payment for their 2x2 WORK. This hospitality often includes: food, room, clothing, medical, car use etc. If you would calculate the workers salary at $20 per day for room, $15 per day for food, $300 per year clothing and $1000 per year medical, that would come to $14,075.00. This does not include all they receive as taxable income. They would also need to add money they get in handshakes at meetings, money received during SPECIAL MEETING ROUNDS, money received through letters etc. I understand that if a person was wanting to avoid this tax liability and break IRS laws, why they want their salary in money orders or in cash. Checks are traceable.

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