Reporting 2x2 Organization to Oregon Department of Revenue

This email sent to on Saturday September 28th, 2013 for Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler.

I believe Harold Bennett and his staff of some 40 workers are evading income taxes.

I have reported this before to the state, and I got a letter saying that they got the info, but nothing has been done that I can see.

Why can this cult conduct it's business as a for-profit group and not pay taxes and not pay self-employment taxes and not register it's business and not pay social security?

What's going on here?

I would like the names of people who are responsible for seeing that taxes are collected from businesses in Oregon.

Here's some links:

I will be publishing your response so that I can explain to people being recruited by this cult why (what I see as ) illegal activities are continuing with the knowledge of the State of Oregon.



Here is a response that I got from the Oregon State Treasurer Department on 8:19 AM PST the next Monday morning:

You will to contact the Oregon Department of Revenue. 503-945-8264 On their website they have a form to report tax fraud.
Click on State Agencies A-Z
Click on Revenue, department of
- Report Tax Fraud

I will have to say, that was a fast response. I am going to compose an email with Harold Bennett's name and last few addresses and a little about him (and his picture) and send it to the Oregon Department of Revenue along with a list of the workers in Oregon. I am really surprised at what I see as the arrogance of Harold Bennett to flaunt that he doesn't pay taxes.

Questions I Have:

  1. Has Harold Bennett gotten away with this for so long that he thinks he is above the law?
  2. What does he believe so strongly that he can tell me he doesn't pay income taxes and not care?
  3. Does he have an inside man that protects him?
  4. Does he believe that using God's name as a cloke for what I perceive to be a pyramid scheme will give him immunity from prosecution?
  5. Why does he believe he doesn't have to pay taxes with all those workers working for him?
  6. What about the unemployment insurance for all his employees?
  7. What about workman's compensation for all those workers?
  8. What does he think he will do if a worker sues him and is injured on the job?
  9. Would Harold Bennett threaten to kick a person out of the work if they are injured on the job?
  10. What about all the workers who have work related injuries currently (they state on the workers' list that they are resting for health reasons)
  11. Why would Harold Bennett risk being incarcerated just for a little boasting to me?
  12. Why would Harold Bennett not pay taxes, but Lyle Schober claimed to Brandon Miller in Round Rock, TX that he (Lyle) does pay taxes?
  13. Have the overseers reached a consensus on whether to ignore tax laws and evade them or do they just keep their own decisions about this matter private?
  14. What do other overseers think about Harold flaunting "not paying taxes"? Are they telling him to shut up about it (or else)? Or are they putting any pressure on him at all?
  15. Has Harold thought about the consequences of having to make the business legitimate and pay the workers salaries instead of operating in the shadows and hoping not to get caught?
  16. Does Harold Bennett know the law about the workers being his employees?
  17. Even if he thought all his workers that he bosses around were sub-contractors, then what is he doing about insurance and keeping track of receipts for his business?
  18. Why does he run his cell of the cult as a for-profit and not make it a legitimate non-profit business?

I am interested in finding the answers to these questions and to see how he responds to the State of Oregon. I am also interested what will happen if (I strongly believe it will) this goes to a federal level with the IRS. If Harold Bennett is convicted of failing to pay income tax and is imprisoned, then I believe this is going to start a nation-wide investigation of each cell of the cult that his headed by other overseers.

I followed the directions in the email and came to this web address:

I filled out the form, giving them all the information that I had on Harold Bennett. I don't have the current 2013-2014 full worker's list with phone numbers and addresses, so if anyone has one, please let me know. Thanks.

The address listed above is the one Harold Business published in his directory of workers for the year 2012-2013.

Harold Bennett told me that he doesn't pay income taxes and doesn't file returns. He is the head of the 2x2 religion in Oregon that goes by the names of "The Faith", "The Truth" and "The Way". He runs a staff of about 38 employees and I really don't think he pays social security on them. These employees are called "workers" and they collect money from the businesses' followers and give it to the "senior workers" at their annual conventions. It runs much like the mob, but instead of "protecting" businesses, they provide a feeling for people that they are part of the only way going to heaven. Harold Bennett also told me that none of his employees pay income taxes either. This concerns me because I have read that if a person makes over $400 (even if they are self-employed) then they must file tax returns. A previous senior worker in the Oregon cult (Randy Russell) told me (when I was a worker for a year and a half and employed by former cult leader Howard Mooney) that I was to not file income tax returns.

Here are some links to the list of employees of Harold Bennett. His business is not registered as "non-profit" and his business name is not registered with the state of Oregon either.

There are two headquarters for the organization in Oregon. One in Boring, OR at Dennis Rumsey's place and the other one in Saginaw, OR.

ere are some links:

Harold Bennett was in the news when he told a news reporter that a women who was sexually abused by a man in the cult (who was an elder of his) that "That person has been causing us a lot of difficulties...She has a problem..."

read article at bottom of this page

It is my understanding that whether a person operates a cult or religious group and has employees, that they are not above the law and are obligated to follow the laws of the land. If I am incorrect on this, please let me know what laws apply.

Harold Bennett moves around year after year and the cult prides themselves in their anonymity and ability to get out of things. If you need help in contacting him, I would be glad to assist. They hold preaching services for their members typically twice a week where they collect money and make arrangements to stay in the homes of their followers throughout the week.

They also drive around automobiles that are only available for Harold Bennett's use and his employees.

He wears nice clothes and flies around on planes, so I know he is not a poor man.


Bradly Lewis

After submitting the form, I got a page that read the following:


Thank you for contacting the Oregon Department of Revenue with your tax fraud tip. We will review the information provided, and take appropriate action. As a reminder, confidentiality laws prohibit us from sharing with you any actions taken as a result of your tip.

There was also a phone number on the Tax Fraud reporting page. I think I will call this number and talk to someone too. But this will be all for today September 30th, 2013.

I will probably receive a letter from the Oregon Department of Revenue soon. I haven't checked my mail today. They want more information, and I've started making arrangements to provide this information.

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