2x2 Conventions

Conventions of the 2x2 religion are the annual gatherings of the 2x2 overseers, workers, their elders and the friends of the workers. Conventions are held on convention grounds owned either by professing people or a trust.

When Did Conventions Start?

Being raised in a professing home, I knew that overseers were against church buildings and church property. And supposedly Sunday morning meetings were a continuation of passover (or so I was told). So the biggest question I had as a kid and adult were "Where are conventions in the Bible?". You know, if we are following the Bible then what were we following to end up with conventions?

Well, where are conventions in the Bible? Where do you have hundreds of people gathered on private property (or property owned by overseers in a trust), under a meeting shed, with kitchen facilities, dorms, showers, restrooms etc? I've never had this question answered by anyone. You may have wondered this too. Especially since we condemned church property.

Didn't the workers preach that preachers who preached in church buildings were going to hell? And wasn't it the same workers who also who said that preachers had to preach what the congregations wanted to hear in order to get enough money in collections to pay for the buildings? So then, why would we have all this church property for conventions and convention grounds and then only use them for about 4 - 8 days out of the year? If church buildings of "false preachers" which were used all year around were a burden to churches, and these same church buildings caused temptations to preachers to pander to the rich in the congregation, then what does that say about conventions, conventions grounds and church property that were only used a few days out of the year and took weeks of preparations? If church buildings got a full year of use, then could we righteously condemn them to hell when we had property that only got church use for 1/100 of that amount of time in a year? Isn't this hypocrisy?

Sometimes workers would refer to the Feasts of the LORD as being like conventions or conventions being like those feasts. But that wasn't the case. There were many feasts of the LORD throughout the year, and were celebrated at harvest time, passover, last gathering of harvest etc. And during Passover feast, no leavened bread was to be eaten. But at conventions we ate leavened bread etc. Conventions are nothing like the feasts of the LORD. Sure, a lot of people remember and really like convention hash, but that doesn't put conventions in the Bible.

When I learned that William Irvine was a worker in the Faith Mission and that the Faith Mission had conventions, then it finally made sense. I got it. We weren't having conventions because they were in the Bible, we were having conventions because William Irvine got the idea of conventions from the Faith Mission for which he used to preach. Amazingly, today the Faith Mission (which still exists in Ireland) still has workers and conventions.

Why were conventions held in big tents? Why did early workers own tents and carry out tent missions? Same answer. The Faith Mission had tent missions. And today, looking on their website, they still have tent missions. http://www.faithmission.org. William Irvine just did what he was used to doing.

Conventions are Essential to the 2x2 Religion

Conventions are so essential to the 2x2 religion. You get lots of 2x2s together and "think 2x2" for 3-4 days. It is only under such intense peer influence and pressure of the workers that you can convince people to become workers and continue the program for another year. I see how important conventions are to the older brothers because many of the registered business names include the word "convention" in the title. For example, the 2x2 organization is registered as Christian Conventions of Victoria in Australia. And Willis Propp incorporated in Canada as Alberta Society of Christian Conventions. For other registered business names see Registered Names.

Church Convention Grounds - Church Property

The place where conventions are held are called "Convention grounds". They generally consist of:

Church Real Estate

Convention grounds are usually located on many acres of property, paid for or subsidized by the overseers or owned in a trust with money provided by overseers that they get from wealthy friends who die and leave them money to be used without conditions put on it.

Church Buildings

  • Meeting halls, meeting sheds or meeting tents
  • A house with many rooms for senior workers
  • Dormitories with many beds and mattresses for brother workers
  • Dormitories with many beds and mattresses for sister workers
  • Dormitories with many beds and mattresses for women friends of the workers
  • Dormitories with many beds and mattresses for male friends of the workers
  • Kitchen building
  • Dining halls, dining tents
  • Bathrooms for workers
  • Bathrooms for friends of the workers

Church Possessions

  • benches, chairs by the hundreds
  • the Platform that lifts the worker up in the eyes of the crowd
  • wireless microphones, dozens of wires, speakers, amplifiers
  • walk-in freezers
  • refrigerators
  • ovens
  • ranges
  • boilers
  • toasters
  • vegetable peeling machines
  • cutting tables
  • serving trays, serving utensils
  • hundreds of trays, forks, knives, spoons
  • dishwashing facilities
  • steamers
  • dozens of mattresses
  • bedding, blankets
  • pillows
  • showers: often just for senior workers, workers etc
  • toilet facilities,
  • RV parking and hookups,
  • acres of parking for many automobiles and so on.
  • many days of preparation
  • drills, circular saws, table saws, bandsaws, drill presses, welders, torches, saw, axes, shovels, picks, rakes, hoes
  • asking the friends of the workers to come out and help at the church property

While the overseers may preach that people who have church buildings are going to hell, they always make exceptions for their convention grounds. I've simply concluded that it is a real estate asset way of banking money from their large trust funds.


There is one main reason for conventions: to collect money and more workers. Conventions are where the workers are exalted and where children are subjected to dozens of hours of preaching and when they are the most tired in the evening and surrounded by hundreds of followers who are adoring the workers, the meetings are tested.

Regarding collecting money, the workers are to bring all the money they've collected and saved throughout the year and are to give it to the overseer or the senior worker in charge of the convention. Also, the young people who are going to become workers are required to gather all their possessions, sell them and bring them to the overseer.

The Tools of Convention Recruitment:

Tools of convention recruitment are:

  • isolation from society for 3-4 days
  • surrounded by workers pressuring kids to profess (which kid didn't know that people professed at conventions?)
  • surrounded by workers encouraging kids to become workers
  • surrounded by parents who wanted their kids to profess
  • surrounded by parents who wanted their kids to become workers
  • subjected to hours of worker preaching at a time (no Christian pastors allowed to preach)
  • encouraged to stay "on the grounds" for the whole convention...

Successful recruitment for the work, as the call it, involves a candidate to sell their home, land, property, business, and other "worldly belongings" except for suit, tie, luggage, briefcase etc and give all the money to the overseer to become a worker and collect money for the overseer.

Finding a Date

The second main purpose of convention is to give young professing kids a place to go to find a spouse. Also, non-professing kids are encouraged to attend in hopes they will meet a professing person and come to meetings to profess in order to marry. Since the 2x2s are encouraged by the overseers and workers to only marry within "the fold" (their denomination), then the young professing kids need to interact and meet more people than just what they find in their local Sunday morning meetings, Sunday gospel meetings etc and convention is just the place for that, or so the workers think.

Conventions By Overseers and Workers- Purpose

The idea of conventions was copied from the Faith Mission to which William Irvine originally belonged. The purpose of conventions by William Irvine was to foster an environment that encourages stronger mind control than in the other meetings and the presence of their "spirit" strong enough to get their followers to become workers like them. And of course, when the people believe they need to sell all, they get the money.

Conventions requires providing for all their food and then brain washing them for hours on end for several days. Here's the routine:

  1. 7:00 AM - feed them breakfast,
  2. 10:00 AM - 2 hours brainwashing in morning meeting, 12:00 PM lunch,
  3. 2:45PM or 3:00 PM - 2 hours brain washing at afternoon meeting,
  4. 5:00 PM - supper,
  5. 7:00 PM - brainwashing in evening meeting,
  6. 8:30 PM hot chocolate so professing kids can meet and talk
  7. 9:00 PM go to sleep.

    Now imagine this for three days straight. Kids would think it's normal to "profess". Three to four days of brainwashing three times a day and being surrounded by professing people who are friends of the workers has a very powerful effect on naive, poor children. The workers don't want people to leave the convention grounds because the want the friends to get the full effect of the conventions. Conventions were used by William Irvine from the very beginning to gain workers. These people who "offered for the work" had to sell everything and give it to William Irvine to become workers. A couple hundred years later, people who want to become workers are still required to sell everything before they can become a worker. This is a prominent feature of cults. This gives the overseers and older brothers more control and power over these peoples lives.

    Conventions - Twisted Scriptures

    For all the obsession that workers have over "meetings in the home", there is no scripture that even they can twist to support their annual conventions. I looked in the Bible for "conventions" or anything like conventions and did not find anything. The only thing the workers have to talk about even close to conventions are the holy feasts of the LORD that were appointed at specific times during the year. But having looked at the feasts, they are nothing like conventions. The workers and their followers eat leavened bread during conventions, they do not fast and they most certainly do not offer sacrifices to the God of heaven. In fact, from the behavior exhibited by workers, I don't believe the workers even know God. They seem to be just blindly following the traditions they have learned from the early workers. Monkey see- monkey do.

    Conventions of the workers and the friends do not follow any practice or commandment or tradition of the apostles at all. Jesus Christ never taught or set up 2x2 convention grounds. Jesus Christ never collected money to build convention buildings. Jesus Christ didn't gather money from a church and use it to make a few private individuals wealthy. If you think you have some Bible verses to support the 2x2 conventions fully, just put them in the contact form at the bottom of this page with your name and contact information and send them to me.

    Conventions - Young Adults and Sex

    Some young adults use a convention as an excuse for unsupervised absence from their parents from which the young men and women cover their sexual activities. Which makes perfect sense because some workers do this too. Young men and women may go together on road trips together without their parents around, getting a motel along the way. Or may leave the convention to engage in their activities while their parents think that they are at convention.

    CONVENTIONS - Child Sexual Abuse

    See Bob Williston - Convention and also Raped at Convention

    If you have gone to conventions in California, please see Ruben Mata

    Conventions - a Time for Workers to Play "House"

    Workers at preps (preps is short for "preparations" or the preparing of the convention land for the convention) times conventions are like little kids "playing house". It is one of the few times that they construct, maintain and build things.

    Hooking Up

    Young single people go to conventions in other states to find a spouse. As one man said "If you want to find peaches, go to the orchard". Many young girls find it easy to hookup, exchange email addresses and IDs for chat sessions and video exchanges. It is no surprise the the young folks use conventions as a place to hookup based on what happens with the workers.

    Conventions - Time of Year

    Conventions are held annually and convention dates are set by overseers working together. They are timed so that 2x2 overseers and 2x2 workers can travel through the US and other parts of the world and attend the conventions sequentially for almost a whole year. This is similar to how a rock band would tour the country, so in the same way overseers and workers tour the country with conventions. On occasion, there may be two or three smaller conventions happening at the same time in which case the workers are divided among the smaller conventions.

    Convention Locations

    Conventions are located at a place determined by the overseer on property that is usually "owned" by an individual or by a trust controlled by an elder of whom the overseer trusts. The property and buildings may have been paid for in full or part by the friends collections. Sometimes 2x2 overseers or the older brothers provide money for property and buildings. 2x2 overseers are very careful to choose a place where the owner is very convinced of the cult's indoctrination. They are usually held at the same location from year to year because of all the property accumulated and work that has gone into improving the buildings for eating, sleeping and 2x2 indoctrination.

    The Naming of Conventions

    Often the place where the conventions are held are called "convention grounds" or "the grounds" by the friends of the workers. More specifically, the conventions are named after the city they are located in or around. For conventions that are spread out over two weeks, the title may include a number to specify the first or second week of it's proceedings. For example, "Boring I" would be the first week of the convention located in Boring, Oregon, and Boring 2 would be the second week.

    Financing of Conventions

    With all the people and meals to be served as required by the overseer, it creates a large demand for money. From my experience, the money is brought by the friends and handed to the workers in envelopes. The financing of conventions is not public. No records are kept for the friends to review. Again, the 2x2 religion is a for-profit enterprise of the overseers. Also, older brothers at the direction of the 2x2 overseer may ask the all the 2x2 "home convention" workers at the convention to give them all their money. They then take whatever money they want and give some money back to each individual. This was my experience at the Boring Oregon Conventions and the experience of hundreds of other workers.

    Convention Property - Dispute of Ownership

    Sometimes when the owners of the convention grounds leaves the cult and decides to sell the property, then there is a dispute as to who owns what when the workers have given money to build church buildings on it.

    Convention Land and Property

    Sometimes the workers or overseers will give money to the owners to buy some property or help make mortgage payments. I have heard during preaching at Boring Oregon the debate as to whether the workers own the convention grounds or if it is actually owned by the individuals whose name is on the title because the workers have given them so much money. There are no publicized records of where the money comes from to build these huge buildings for the purpose of meeting once a year. The group has often denounced Christian churches for building churches that they use every day. But this group spends tens of thousands of dollars on buildings and supplies that are used for maybe 2 weeks out of the year.

    Convention Tool Property

    The group claims to have no common church property specifically for the group, but it is obvious that when they purchase supplies for a huge convention, it is not for the cows in the field or the trees growing in the nursery. Sometimes in the shops, the tools will be labeled "Boring Convention Grounds" or "Boring Convention" or "Convention" to distinguish tools donated by followers for use during the preparations for the conventions.

    Convention Furnishings

    Because there are many people that attend the convention, there is a large quantity of chairs and benches. This is also the group's joint property. It is certain that these benches and chairs are not for the cows or trees on the land.

    2x2 Conventions and the IRS

    It would be interesting to see what an IRS agent could find on tax deductions of convention ground owners.

    Some of many Conventions in the Northwest

    Dennis and Zoe Rumsey of Boring, Oregon are part of this group. They "own" the "convention grounds" at Boring Oregon where many members of the group meet once a year.

    Boring Oregon Convention

    Dennis and Zoeanne Rumsey 17905 SE Tickle Creek Road Boring, OR 97009 503-658-2000

    Parma Idaho 2x2 Convention

    Dave Waldo 32279 Apple Valley Road Parma, ID 83660 208-722-5513

    Saginaw Oregon 2x2 Convention

    Milo LiaBraaten 32852 Saginaw W. Road Saginaw, OR 97472 541-942-3264 Here's a partial list of

    Western 2x2 Conventions in the US

    Casa Grande, AZ
    Santee, Ca (removed)
    Shelter Valley, CA
    Buttonwillow, CA
    Mountain Ranch, CA
    Juneau, AK
    Bonners Ferry, ID
    Chelan, WA
    Walla Walla, WA
    Devon, MT
    Post Falls, ID
    Parma, ID
    Chugwater, WY
    Dagman, MT
    Manhattan, MT
    Cody, WY
    Wasilla, AK
    Cody, WY
    Wasilla, AK
    Milltown, WA
    Olympia, WA
    Saginaw OR
    Boring OR
    Honolulu, HI

    Parma Idaho
    Happy Texas Convention
    George Town Texas Convention
    Mountain Peak Texas Convention
    Texarkana Texas Convention

    Western Canadian Conventions

    Mellowdale, AB
    Theodore, SK
    Prince George, BC
    Hythe, AB
    Greenshields, AB
    Emo, ON
    Salmon Arm, BC
    Didsbury, AB
    Smeaton, SK
    Bowsman, MB
    Didsbury, AB
    Aylesbury, SK
    Portage la Prairie, MB
    Duncan, BC
    Glen Valley, BC

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